Are we creating Un-Employment?

Are we creating Un-Employment?

Most of us think that in today’s time there are no jobs in IT, True or false?

The problem is the root of the education system. Most of the student opt for their summer training just for a certificate. And on the other hand training institutes are the one who is delivering the nuclear bomb (A person with half knowledge is equal to nuclear bomb).

What most of the institutes do is to make aware the student about the programming knowledge without giving them training in the depth of that technology. In a 45 days training session, count first 5 days for the self-introduction of the company and placement, the scope of technology, then 15 days of theory knowledge and 10 days of practice. OH! I forget to mention the weekend off :).

Count 8-10 days as holiday. In the last days of training, the student starts thinking that what we are doing here. This institute is not teaching anything properly and starts criticizing. Finally after 45 days of training candidate departs with only a certificate and little knowledge of programming.

Now the main problem comes in play when the candidate has half of knowledge and starts thinking, they are master in this technology. After rejecting from several interviews they realize I am lacking in skills and blames institute for not teaching properly.

Yes, they should be blamed but it’s your fault, in 4 years of college you were not able to develop the right skill set that is required in this industry. Apart from that also training institutes should be accused of launching these dirty bombs in the IT industry. Now every company in this industry defuse these bombs by giving the pre-training to the candidates before starting the actual work. Because 80% of candidate have only theoretical knowledge. They enter in the IT field without any practical knowledge. This prohibition time is the direct loss of the company’s time and money.

Summer training is a crucial part of an engineer’s life. It should be done in the right way and the right place. Once Tech Mahindra CEO Sandeep Gopi said that 94% of tech graduates are not fit for hiring. Why he said this statement, what made him say this type of statement? Have you ever thought about this? Let me give you an example from a city like Delhi. A student scoring 60% marks cannot pursue BA-English today but can go in for engineering.

My point is simple- are we not creating the people for unemployment. The Indian industry wants skills. For example, NASCOM says that 6 million people required in cybersecurity by 2022. But we have a skill shortage. This comes as a big challenge.


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